Rethink your Business Strategy from Cloud First to Cloud Next

Harness the true potential of next-generation IT infrastructure to
derive actionable insight from the influx of massive amount of data.

Accelerate your Business with
HPC Solutions

Netweb is at the the forefront of High Performance Computing solutions that continuously innovates and utilise the latest technology. We have done over hundreds of installations and our dedicated team of HPC experts have experience that span across various industries and domains maximizing the impact of success to your organization. You can choose the best solution for your requirement with our wide section of systems and interconnects.

Latest Servers & Workstations for
Different Applications

At Netweb, we offer over 200 different configurations, giving our customers the power of choice. No other company provides such a vast selection available in the industry. Our servers and workstations are flexible and scalable to future proof your business IT infrastructure. Let our hardware enhance the performance and efficiency of your business.

The ‘On Demand’ Cloud Solution

Tyrone Edra on Demand is one of the few dedicated HPC on cloud solution for flexible usage of HPC on cloud. Leverage on our scalable and flexible consumption of our solution to keep up with the computational demands and growth of your business.

Innovative All in One Storage Solutions

Netweb’s All in One storage solutions provides SAN, NAS and VTL as a single solution build with the next-generation storage technology. The most unified, flexible and scalable solutions available.

AI Ready Infrastructure to Accelerate AI Workloads

Netweb’s AI Ready Solutions significantly improves learning and inferencing of your data accelerating solutions for your business problems that would otherwise take months or years.


Netweb Cloud Service delivers the latest technology-based cloud services
to optimize the return on investments through performance and customer-centric support for your business.



Take full advantage of your Kubernetes architecture with containerized applications that allow you to meet your organization’s specialized needs.

Private cloud/openstack

Our Openstack solution supports mission-critical applications and data, while offering supreme scalability and agility—with no vendor lock-in.

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