Free take-back of your Netweb end-of-life equipment

Netweb’s E-waste Recycling Program offers responsible disposal of end-of-life Netweb ICT equipment which have become e-waste. We also offer free take-back & disposal of any packaging material from Netweb products.


  • Before submitting your electronic equipment for recycling, please remove all personal information from your hard drive. Netweb is not responsible for erasing, deleting or loss of your personal or confidential information.
  • For the purpose of this recycling program, please notify us if any product you intend to dispose is showing visible leakage (broken monitor screens or leaking batteries) to ensure hazardous materials are handled correctly.
  • You will be requested to declare the equipment and give Netweb ownership of all materials to be disposed. E-waste & packaging material such as corrugated boxes maybe separately collected & disposed.
  • This service is currently not available in all geographies we operate in. Please get in touch with us to discuss your enquiry

Conserve Resources.Protect Our Environment.

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