Netweb Storage

With the volume of unstructured data witnessing unprecedented growth, the need for a unified storage solution is more than ever. Netweb provides a simple, flexible, and unified (file & block services) storage solution. When compared to legacy storage solutions – limited capabilities for HPC, AI/ML, and archival & surveillance storage, and parallel access – our next-generated integrated solution boasts exemplary capabilities such as high throughput, high IOPS, high bandwidth (EDR-100GB/s, HDR-200GB/s), and high density (in various configurations). In addition, we also deliver storage solutions on the cloud and for container support.


True Parallel Access, Highly Scalable, Low TCO, Enterprise Ready with Fault Tolerance, High Availability, Simple Deployment & Easy Management, Minimum Metadata Access Latency

Benefits Of Netweb Storage

Ideal Unified Storage Solution

Our unified storage solutions are ideal for enterprises with general-purpose servers using internal or direct-attached storage for business-critical applications, shared file systems, and virtualization. Moreover, with the option of all/hybrid flash storage, data deduplication, and contraction, the storage solution delivers the flexibility needed by virtual server environment.

High Availability

Our unified storage solutions have impeccable uptime. Redundancy is one of the crucial highlights of our storage solutions as it enables the storage of data in more than one place and eliminates a single point of failure (SPOF).

Scalability and Flexibility

The potency of any storage solution is invariably correlated to its degree of scalability and flexibility. We can confidently say that Netweb storage solutions score remarkably well on both parameters. With its support, you can easily scale from a few petabytes to hundreds of petabytes.

Accelerated Performance

With Netweb storage solution, you can expect better performance than local NVMe flash even with containers. Besides, parallel storage solves the acceleration and portability issues.

Interconnect Support

Our storage solution supports all kinds of interconnect between storage servers, including ethernet and infiniband.


Besides the deployment cost, one must also take into consideration the operating cost of the solution. Our solution adheres to impeccable performance and interoperability requirements, drastically reducing the total cost of ownership.