AI & Big Data

Netweb designs from the ground up for data-intensive applications with High-performance computing, analytics, and AI. We have purpose-built servers and workstations that are adapted to be faster, simpler, and scalable to give the best performance. Along with Unified Flexible storage delivering best-in-class scalability, redundancy, performance, and availability.


  • Visualization solutions
  • Unified Flexible Solutions & Software-defined storage
  • High-performance, High speed, Low-latency network
  • Widest range of server solutions
HPC Solutions Image

High Performance Computing (HPC)

With Netweb HPC Solutions, accelerate time to result and solve your most complex computing challenges at high speeds. A Turnkey HPC solution that takes customers through all levels of HPC. Netweb has over 500 HPC installations deployed under our belt, our experienced team of experts can recommend the right hardware, design your HPC architecture with application level support and post cluster installation services.


  • HPC servers
  • HPC Clusters
  • Netweb Cluster Management
  • Parallel File System
  • HPC as a service


Netweb Container automates the time-consuming tasks involved in managing containers and microservices from deployment and management to scheduling and scaling. Using TCP saves on cost and saves time for application developers to work on innovating.

Netweb Container offers:

  • Maximum compatibility with public container and docker offerings due to its upstream sources.
  • Full automation for initial deployments, lifecycle management, and continuing operations.
  • Nimble architecture that enables fast and efficient upgrades.
  • Regular security updates & robust TLS encryption for all control plane components.
  • Automatic acceleration of GPU-optimized workloads like transcoding and AI.
  • Full confinement using kernel-level mandatory access controls.
Kubernetes Overview


A fault tolerant and redundant production cloud suite that offers the lowest turnaround time in the industry, implementable on-site with Netweb’s service engineering experts. Engineered to deliver premium cloud services with exceptional security, performance and scalability. Helping organisations meet the modern-day challenges and needs of a data centre with our tailored-to-build approach.


Openstack / CEPH
Private & Hybrid cloud
Cloud Migration
Netweb Cloud Suite
Netweb Cluster Management
HPC as a service

Netweb Cluster is an intuitive web-accessible interface, focused on reducing the complexity of using and managing your HPC cluster. It lets you deploy complete clusters and manage it effectively through a web-based user interface. Complete management capabilities including cluster provisioning, monitoring, reporting and management in a single product. TCM is designed to make your cluster agile, speedy and reliable to deliver high throughputs.


With a large- scale video surveillance network, maintaining reliable operations can become complex. Video surveillance solutions from Netweb can help overcome these problems. It’s ideal if you have multiple sites and want one, open-platform video surveillance system so you can focus on your business operations. Video surveillance is possible for project scaling from hundreds to thousands of cameras, pushing the limits of scaling for traditional storage system.


Video Recorder Servers
Viewing Workstations
AI-Ready Workstations
Petabyte Storage Solutions
Unified Storage Solutions

Unified Flexible Storage

Netweb storage series from Netweb consolidates file, block and object data in a single all-in-one storage solution, so you can achieve key business benefits in cost-effective ways. With best-in-class scalability, redundancy, performance and availability, Netweb storage optimizes support for critical applications and data center consolidations, all through a single intuitive interface.


  • Flexibility- connects to any network
  • Scalability- grows along with your data
  • Unified- Multi-protocol storage
  • Performance- Advanced acceleration features